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Indulge Your Senses

with pure essential oil blends

Welcome to ELM RD.

In a world that seems to always be operating at full-speed, it is often the small things and rituals in life that help us slow down, breathe and feel at peace. Lighting a natural scented candle or using a room mist are two effective and simple, organic ways to achieve this. That is why we chose them.

Here at ELM RD. you will find our collection of natural and plant-based aromatic essentials for your home.

We hand-craft our products in small batches in the Kentish countryside, using only the best ingredients. So if you are looking for rapeseed & soy scented candles, essential oil candles or natural room mists, please browse our collection.

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Our natural scents have been crafted, inspired by our own personal experiences, to tell a story and to evoke personal feelings and memories

We hope you find the perfect scent here that will make you feel good and inspire your own stories


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