We have joined forces with London based ceramicist, Bisila Noha, to create a unique artisanal designer candle. A fusion of pure craftsmanship with 100% natural aromacology blends, each piece tells a story beyond its decorative feature, creating multi-sensory pieces that embrace mindfulness at its heart.

A unique artisanal candle

Bisila uses each ceramic piece as a canvas to create abstract landscapes with her signature marbling technique. Having been heavily constrained by societal ideas of productivity and functionality, her first pots were a metaphor of us, human beings, becoming ‘human doers’. Her latest collection, BRUMAS (Haze) was born from a desire to take a step back to leave the “doing” behind and embrace the “being”.

Every candle is made poured to order into the BRUMAS ceramic vessel with the ELM RD. botanical scent of your choice. 

About Bisila Noha

Bisila is interested in making objects that tell a story. Projects that push her to improve her skills and research, not only when it comes to clay and pottery, but also to culture, history, traditions and the way we look at ceramics and art in general.

Moreover, Bisila’s aim as a maker is to use her skills to make our world a better place. Thus, she runs workshops with the arts and education organisation Lon-art, and Create - the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. She also also teaches regular pottery courses at Crowns Works Pottery.