Five top tips for gifting consciously this holiday season

As we head into November and a second national lockdown, it’s a great time to beat the rush and start choosing holiday gifts for your loved ones. Here are ELM RD.’s top tips for mindful gifting – minimising the environmental impact of your presents and ensuring your recipients love them.

We’ve all been there: dashing to find the perfect holiday gift at the last minute, scrambling among crowds of shoppers and hoping we’ve made the right choice. But the events of this year have given a much-needed reminder to many of us – that there is value in slowing down, planning ahead and practising gratitude.

Even pre-pandemic, the trend towards more conscious and mindful gifting was growing. Three-quarters of us would prefer to spend money on an experience than an item, one 2019 study found. More than two-thirds of us think the amount of waste generated at Christmas is unacceptable, another concluded. Yet half of us receive at least one unwanted gift every winter.

By steering clear of the temptation to purchase an abundance of ‘