Fill your home with the beautiful aroma of essential oils and indulge your senses with our minimalistic ceramic diffuser and humidifier. Quiet and heat-free ultrasonic technology that protects the molecular structure and integrity of the essential oils and produces an ultra-fine and smooth mist. 


A stylish and modern matte ceramic finish that will fit into any space and decor. Very easy to clean and operate with the touch of a button. Features an optional warm light. 


Enhance your wellbeing by diffusing your preferred ELM RD essential oil blend and humidifying the air, creating a soothing and calming environment at home or at work.

Ceramic Diffuser + Essential Oil Blend

    1. Fill the water tank of your ELM RD ceramic diffuser with room temperature water until the maximum water level line. 
    2. Add up to 6 drops of your preferred ELM RD. essential oil blend. You can adjust the number of drops depending on your preferred intensity to a maximum of 10 drops per 100ml.
    3. Cover the water tank with the lid and ceramic cover.
    4. Turn the device on by pressing the mist and light (optional) buttons, breathe in and out,  and indulge your senses with our botanical scents.


    We recommend cleaning the device after each use by emptying any excess water and wiping away any residue with a damp cloth.  Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Essential oils can cause damage to the ceramic disc if left in the water tank. This type of damage is not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

    NOTE: This device is mains operated - not battery operated.

    • Dimensions: 18cm high by 8.6cm wide
    • Two-Mode Setting: choose between a continuous setting intermittent setting depending on your needs.
    • Optional Light: an optional warm light can be switched on during operation.
    •  Designed with a waterless automatic safety shut-off function that automatically turns off the device when running out of water.
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    • BPA-free
    • Mains operated 12W
    • Capacity 120ml
    • Weight 460g
    • Mist output 30ml/hour