Why choose one when you can have them all? The Studio collection set is a great way to try our uniquely formulated scents at home.


The Studio Collection Set includes a votive candle of each of the following scents:



Scent Notes: Mandarin, Oud and Geranium

Inspired by the contrast between the striking opulence and intricate architecture of palatial buildings in the Middle East and the arid desert landscapes. The sumptuous aroma of Oud and Frankincense combines with citrus and floral undertones. Regal aromas that evoke visions of Arabian Night-like tales and romance.



Scent Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar and Juniper

Escape to the Alps and the tranquility of cosy wooden chalets overlooking the mountains and nature. The fresh and invigorating magical scent of atlas cedar combines with a gentle touch of smokiness and spice, reminiscent of relaxing by the burning fire.



Scent Notes: Tuberose, Jasmine and Ylang ylang

Escape to the most beautiful garden in the world: Jardins du Château de Versailles. Fragrant blooms and velvety petals not only fill the palace inside and out, but adorn its many paintings and tapestries. Reminding us of times past and its famous inhabitants including Marie Antoinette.



Scent Notes: Tobacco, Tonka and Bergamot

Escape by Manhattan’s secret bars and speakeasy. Live jazz music, the sound of chatter, low lighting, whisky sours, and a hint of vintage leather sofa's, tobacco and expensive cologne lingering in the air.



Scent Notes: Lavender, Vanilla and Chamomile

Sueños is the interpretation of the ideal sweet and relaxing sleep potion. Inspired by a natural aromatherapy remedy used to combat jet lag whilst travelling to the Far East and Australia. Like a sound track, this scent now accompanies the memories of that trip. A hint of this scent immediately triggers memories of a comfortable bed sleeping in fresh linen.

Studio Collection Set

  • Each ELM RD. product is made of a unique blend of pure essential oils, plant derived and paraben-free botanical fragrances and a natural plant base.



    Ingredients: Rapeseed and soy wax, essential oils, plant derived and paraben-free botanical fragrances and cotton wick.

    Volume: 90 ml (75 g) each candle

    Net weight: 70 g 

    Burn time: 20+ hours each candle


    We make our products with our very own hands, in the Kentish countryside, using only the best locally sourced ingredients. As a result, we know exactly what goes into each aroma mist bottle and we can guarantee that they are free from chemicals, additives and parabens.