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Verbena | Bergamot |Neroli

Summer Days is a refreshing and citrusy blend of carefully selected balancing essential oils including Spanish verbena, bergamot and neroli, carrying the soothing notes of lavender, petitgrain and clary sage. Its inspiration is drawn from tranquil, azure seas and bright skies that lift the spirit instantly.



Grapefruit | Frankincense | May Chang

Summer Nights is a spicy, citrus blend of grapefruit, frankincense and May Chang, with the delicate notes of marjoram and jasmine. It is inspired by the colours displayed during sunsets, and the floral scents that fill the balmy air at night.

Summer Candles Gift Set

Tumbler Candle 1
Tumbler Candle 2
  • Each ELM RD. product is made of a unique blend of pure essential oils and a natural plant base.


    Ingredients: Rapeseed and soy wax, essential oils and wood-wick.

    Volume: 237 ml 

    Net weight: 160 g 

    Burn time: 40+ hours


    We make our products with our very own hands, in the Kentish countryside, using only the best locally sourced ingredients. As a result, we know exactly what goes into each aroma mist bottle and we can guarantee that they are free from chemicals, additives and synthetic fragrances.