"As the sun descends, you make your way to the local restaurant. The crescent moon hangs low in the air, watching from afar. The evening star shimmers on the horizon, setting the stage for the rest of the night. The music, the laughter and sensual evening air all blend together to lift your energy. Tonight, the air exudes tropical and tangy aromas, jasmine and a soft spiciness. After your meal, you join others to stroll along the promenade. The palm trees sway gently and the waves crash on the rocks below, mixing with the distant music. All that matters now are the memories you're making."


Summer Nights is a spicy, citrus blend of grapefruit, frankincense and May Chang, with the delicate notes of marjoram and jasmine. It is inspired by the colours displayed during sunsets, and the floral scents that fill the balmy air at night.

Summer Nights Reed Diffuser

    • Ingredients: A blend of pure essential oils and a vegan and eco-friendly diffuser base.
    • Volume: 100 ml (3.5 oz.)

    Expertly hand-crafted in Kent, ELM RD. artisan reed diffusers have been carefully formulated and hand-poured in clear apothecary bottles, with a cork stopper and natural reeds.  Each diffuser contains a 100ml blend of pure essential oils and a vegan and eco-friendly diffuser base. This reed diffuser will fill the room with a subtle and constant botanical aroma.