It's the time for letting your hair down and being carefree. For sunshine and laughter. For family and friends, loved ones and leisurely time alone. It's a good book and iced coffee on the beach; a shoreline seat and sunset cocktails at a restaurant. As the summer days and summer nights flow into each other, every moment is perfect. The scent of the ocean, refreshing citrus and sensual florals are always in the air, to carry you away...

The Summer Collection has been inspired by the daily transformation of the summer sky and the many hues of the sea; with everything steeped in sunlight. It reflects how nature touches us: the heat and gentle movement of air, the vivid colours.

It truly is something unique.


A refreshing and citrusy blend of carefully selected balancing essential oils including Spanish verbena, bergamot and neroli, carrying the soothing notes of lavender, petitgrain and clary sage. Its inspiration is drawn from tranquil, azure seas and bright skies that lift the spirit instantly.


Top: Bergamot & Spanish Verbena

Heart: Petitgrain, Clary Sage & Lavender

Base: Neroli & Frankincense


A spicy, citrus blend of grapefruit, frankincense and May Chang, with the delicate notes of marjoram and jasmine. It is inspired by the colours displayed during sunsets, and the floral scents that fill the balmy air at night.


Top: Grapefruit & May Chang

Heart: Marjoram

Base: Jasmine & Frankincense