Reminiscent is the debut aromatherapy collection by ELM RD. It was born of memories linked to treasured moments and places in my life where I felt inner peace and happiness, and secured by the scents experienced at the time. From my grandmother's home patio by the Valencian coast to my travels across the globe as far as the balmy beaches of Thailand and the untamed bushveld of South Africa.


Our sense of smell is wonderfully designed to evoke enjoyable scenes from our past. We hope that as you discover these botanical scent snapshots of ELM RD., you will be transported to your own special memories and good feelings.  

Imagine strolling through a citrus grove, surrounded by orange blossoms, yellow fruit and bright green, waxy leaves on a sunny day. In the distance you can hear the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and children playing.

And from somewhere, like soft background music, comes the fresh aroma of pine trees and rosemary shrubs. As you inhale deeply, you can't help but smile; you are in your happy place!


Elm Rd Happiness Scent Full Range.jpg

You're sitting under a grove of palm trees at the beach, your feet playing with the silky white sand. Peace envelops you as the sun slowly descends towards the horizon, turning the sky crimson.

The tranquil waters are crystal clear and you stop for a moment to inhale the scent of tropical blooms and incense mixed with sea air. You are at one with the environment around you and as you open your eyes, you are aware of a deep sense of serenity throughout your body and mind. This is paradise.


Elm Rd Serenity Scent Full Range.jpg

The gondola glides through the tranquil water of the Venetian canal. Warm night air surrounds the two of you, sometimes the light breeze carries the passionate plea of a soprano to her lover.

The candle-lit table for two awaits you as you ascend the cobbled steps to a small ristorante. A bottle of wine, a lace tablecloth, a delicate vase with a fresh bouquet of roses and geraniums. A subtle hint of expensive perfume lingers in the air. You share an intimate smile as you hold hands. This is a night that you will cherish forever.


Elm Rd Intimacy scent full range.jpg

The cocoon that surrounds you has become a tight fit.
A small crack lets in some light, revealing patches of blue sky, birdsong and green tree canopies.

Slowly but surely, as you free yourself from your constraints and discover your lush environment, your heart begins racing and your spirit starts rising.

The air is permeated with the aromas of eucalyptus, lavender, soil, and the promise of new life. Here, nothing can stop you. You are free, free to be you.


Elm Rd Freedom full range.jpg

Long walks in the veld, encounters with animals as they roam free and wild. The smell of acacia, wild grass and soil follows you, and scratched bark, broken branch and musk scents enter the scene as you spot giraffes and buck graze a short distance away. As you sit by the open cooking fires later that evening, you reflect on the day.

You recall the silence, the tranquillity of the wild and the courage of each animal to survive out there. Throughout the night the crackling flames and trailing smoke keeps watch over the camp.